Toddler Throws Tantrum At Trader Joe’s Checkout And Cashiers Help Calm Him Down By Dancing

It is no secret that toddlers are not always the best grocery shoppers. With limited patience, it is understandable that they may get bored and act up. Fortunately for a happy toddler, Florida grocery store employees have stepped in to make the shopping experience a little more enjoyable.


Julian Sol Collet, 18 months old, did not have a great time shopping with his family at his local grocery store. Julian had trouble accepting that his 3-year-old sister could push the cart and he could not. As many toddlers do, Julian began to throw a fit over the situation just when he reached the check-out line, according to Inside Edition.


Julian’s mother, Alexandra Seba, said the store workers had come to prevent the imminent collapse just in time. One of the workers knows Julian’s name and addressed him as “Ju” as she began singing and dancing for him. It did not take long for other employees to join in on the musical number, thrilling Julian and negating the crisis.


Alexandra reminds everyone that it is important to remember that a child’s crisis does not concern parents. The child must be the owner and the parents have the right to laugh and follow the flow.