Little Caesars hangs sign on door after catching homeless people eating scraps from dumpster

A Little Caesars restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota is capturing hearts and feeding the hungry with a new policy they posted with a sign in their window.

Michelle Lussier, Executive Director, had a new idea when she noticed a persistent problem: people were eating the leftovers of the dumpster. Lussier decided to approach the situation with a surprising solution, offering free slices of pizza inside the store.

She recognized that the homeless are human beings the same as everybody else, and deserve dignity, respect, and compassion.

The sign hung on the drive-through window reads:

“ For the person who takes care of our waste for the next meal, you are human and you are worth more than the meal of a dumpster. Please come in during operating hours for a couple of slices of hot pizza and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked.”


In a video about the new policy, Lussier offers hope. Instead of merely “thoughts and prayers,” she offers something real: delicious pizza.

“Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re hungry and you don’t want to do what others do, you know stand on the corner for handouts,” says Lussier.

“…You feel down about that, you’re more than welcome to come here and grab a couple of slices.”

According to Valley News Live, the restaurant also donates leftover pizza to the local larder and offers a gift box in the store that will benefit homeless people in the area..

This restaurant is extending goodwill to the homeless. In return, they endear themselves to the community with some good public relations, earning well-deserved customer loyalty.

See the video from Valley News Live below:

What a wonderful gesture! If more people thought and behaved like the management of this restaurant I have no doubt we would shape a better world. Please share this story if you agree — you might inspire someone out there!