Heartwarming Reunion Of Mother And 6-Years-Old Autistic Boy Hours After His Disappearance

6-year-old Landon Ross Lindsay is an autistic boy who lives with his parents in Forsyth County, Georgia. Just a few days ago he disappeared from their home, stopping his mom’s and dad’s heartbeat.

Landon’s mother first discovered that her son was out of the house and immediately called the police and many cousins and parishioners. People were looking for a missing boy.


Meanwhile, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office wrote an Instagram post, telling that according to Landon’s parents, he is autistic and will NOT respond or interact.” Police asked the community members to keep the eyes open and to inform if they have any information about the boy.

Six hours after the child’s disappearance, something unexpected happened. While the family and many other volunteers involved in the search were in a neighborhood between fire engines and police vehicles, a missing child appeared. Landon came out of a neighbor’s cellar.

The boy’s mother shouted loudly at that moment and ran to his son. She hugged her son. The moment was recorded with a camera and reported by WXII-TV even live on Facebook.

“We caught the moment during our Facebook Live report,” news anchor DaVonté McKenith wrote on Facebook.

You can watch the heartwarming moment in the video below.