What am I to Teresa?

I thought that there were no new interesting riddles on the Internet. However, there are lots of good puzzles and riddles all over the place and some of them are really mind-twisting. One of those riddles is the riddle that people can’t seem to figure out (yet) – “If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, then what am I to Teresa?”


a. Grandmother
b. Mother
c. Daughter
d. Granddaughter

e. I am Teresa

Actually, the riddle is not that difficult, but the phrasing of the riddle is the one that is confusing. Can you give the answer?

This riddle is so beautiful because of the twisted language that has been used in making the question. That is why it is even difficult to understand the question. But what is the answer?


Well, when you carefully read this riddle (and you will need to read it at least 20 times), you will see that there are two logic answers. One of them is the SON – In – Law. However, that is not offered as an answer. The only other answer is that the person asking the question is Teresa’s daughter!


There are other difficult riddles just like this one. We only had to do a little research to find them, but it paid off! These riddles will use some clever word positioning and strange phrasing in order to confuse you. This kind of riddle’s forming is not confined only to this time period. There have been riddles of this kind throughout the history!



One. The person that is telling the story and asking the question is the only person that is traveling to St. Ives!