We all have days where we don’t

1. Man has to start with something and then develop it – he cannot ever make anything from nothing, only God can do that and call forth the creation. Margaret Weston, How Do I Know God?

2. Yet as I read the birth stories about Jesus I cannot help but conclude that though the world may be tilted toward the rich and powerful, God is tilted toward the underdog. Philip Yancey

3. There is nothing you could ever do that would change the way God feels about you. John Burke, Imagine Heaven Devotional

3. God is love. God proved His love not by His need of us, but by His giving to us. T. D. Jakes, Hope for Every Moment
God’s Love

4. A high view of God and a low view of man affects how a church views salvation, not principally for the sake of man, but for the glory of God. Jeffrey D. Johnson, The Church: Why Bother?

5. So at least let me briefly state that the Bible is not man’s best thoughts about God, but rather-and there is ample evidence-the Bible is in fact God’s thoughts on paper. Michael Fabarez, Raising Men, Not Boys Quotes About God’s


6. Many people forget – or don’t even know – that our God is also the magnificent Creator of marriage. June Hunt, Marriage: To Have and to Hold


7. “The ‘otherness’ of God is mind-boggling. It is incomprehensible for us. He is so unlike us that it should inspire wonder and awe – and yet He became like us to rescue our souls. It is good for us to meditate on His greatness, knowing that we will never fully understand Him.” Michael Garland, The Lifted Veil

8. “When you decide to spend time with God in prayer and studying His word, patience and energy are paramount here as well.” Pauline Creeden, 101 Faith Notes

9. He is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever.
He is our heavenly Father who is merciful, kind, and full of compassion.

10. “He is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever. He is our heavenly Father who is merciful, kind, and full of compassion.” Vincent KMC, One Book: Where Do We Go From Here?

11.  “Whether it is the big picture of God that is distorted or little tidbits of Him that have been twisted over the years, we need to make sure our definition of God is in line with Scripture.” Michelle Lynn Brown, The Trampled Rose