This Man Has Been Taking Care of His Paralyzed Wife for 56 Years. Only True Love Can Do It

We all think that we would care for a paralyzed loved one for a long period of time, but do you think that, when push comes to shove, that you could do it? This is the case of this happy couple. Married for 56 years, the husband has taken care of his paralyzed wife for 56 years.


Yuanfa and Zhou had been married only five months when tragedy struck. However, as love perseveres through all, Yuanfa did everything in his power to be at her side and became his Zhou’s ultimate strength.

He took her to several hospitals, determined to have her cured. However, all diagnoses reached the same inevitable conclusion – Zhou wouldn’t be able to walk for life.

Help poured in from all corners, with family and friends eager to help the couple financially. But Yuanfa refused and chose to care for his wife, all by himself.

Du quit his job and devoted all his time to caring for his wife. The loving husband, who also works as a farmer, spoon-feeds his wife, changes her bedpans, prepares traditional Chinese medicines, and takes her to different doctors.



It makes us all teary eyed to see how good of a job he has done, as he is still caring for her even after all of this time. This is definitely what real love looks like, and it’s so nice to see that it still exists in this fickle world. More Info: Independent