This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Health And Personality

Different people own different shapes of the belly. But, have you ever wondered what the way of your navel could reveal a lot about your personality? Astounding isn’t it! Well, the study of navel shapes is known as 9Omphalomancy!


1. Protruding navel

People with this navel have both a dark as well as a bright side. Even though you are a person with a reserved and stubborn attitude, you are a strong person. You like to attract attention and are always ready to praise the power of love. Since you are looking for love absolution, it is difficult to find a soulmate. But if you do, it will be a “happy to the end”.

2. Large and deep navel

People with this umbilical shape are magnanimous and generous because they have a great and kind heart based on different personal experiences. However, they do not change themselves according to society and, tend to live their lives themselves.


3. Small and a shallow navel

If you have a small and a shallow navel, then you are the people who take every step very cautiously.They have the opportunity to judge people and locate them with a bad attitude. This is perhaps why you tend to trust only people close to you!


4 Downward navel

If you have this navel shape, then you are the one with a low energy level and take less interest in the stuff going around you, but your laziness helps you to find a smarter way of doing a task if asked. So, cheer up!


5. Oval navel shape

People with this shape have impractical behavior due to which they get upset and, tend to take a lot of things very seriously. But the good thing about you is that you are so dedicated to your work that you become impatient when the action is taken out of your life. They are hyperactive.


6. Wide belly button

The only principle which describes you the best is ” You treat the person in front of you just the way they should be treated.” However, keeping in mind the fact that you are a person with a very cautious nature, you trust only a few people who are close to you!