This Father’s Hilarious Pictures With His 1-Year-Old Baby Girl Will Make You Giggle

36-year-old Sholom Ber Solomon is the father of one-year-old Zoe. This creative dad posts pictures of them trying out different images on Instagram.

We in this edition brings you a story of a Dad who has invested time, patience and creative brain in making the Album of his daughter a memorable one. Sit back and enjoy these creative marvels that can give you further ideas to make your photo shoots with dear ones still more enjoyable.






“Dad is my First Hero” and “Dad is my First Love” is a famous quote found on T-shirts of millennial children. While Mother is considered as First Teacher of a child, Father is the first role-model whom a child mimics. A dime a dozen stories about the sacrifices a father do for upbringing the children can be found in all societies.