The Most Hilarious Way That Teachers Use To Deal With Student.

If you have a teacher friend, or you are a teacher yourself then you are all too familiar with all those struggles they are facing every single day. One may say that each profession has its own pros and cons, but no other job includes shaping tiny minds. Teachers have great influence over the way their students learn and behave and they are well aware that the long lessons require some fun time too.

There is no doubt that laughter is the best medicine and when teachers are having a rough day, they could use a double dose. Fortunately, you get to see these unusual antics from teachers and get the medicine as well.

The following 14 teachers know how to have fun on the job.

1. Yeah, he gets it


2. At least there was a prize

3. Lord of the Rings to the Rescue


4. Funny chemistry teacher


5. The fourth one has to be worth extra credit

6. Sounds logical to me

7. Use the force, Luke

8. It’s gotta be better than coffee

9. No more cheating


10. Science via memes

11. I’ve got proof

12. This kid gets it

13. At least he has a sense of humor

14. Don’t run off with the pen