Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time On People Who Don’t Deserve It

Strong women are classy, courageous, confident and gorgeous. They know more than anything else is a must. They respect themselves enough to not stay in a relationship with a man who treat them like a crap and do not respect them. They do not need a man who lies to them or want them to change. They know a relationship is a bout trust, compromise  and sharing.

They will never be obedient to submissive to another person.

They will blow down to no man

They have been through a lot of in life and they know that the only way to find happiness is creating it yourself.


They have waste a lot of their energy dealing with toxic individuals to finally understand that this life is short enough as it is and the only way to make it worthwhile is by focusing on yourself.

They are not people – pleasers or doormats They never do anything they do not want to do. They want to spend time alone and they do not need or want anyone’s help. And they aren’t afraid to say NO if something does not feel right.


Above all, they would rather be a lone than waste time on the ma who does not deserve, they know that if they were a lone they can you their time to take care of yourself, love their life and live a happy life.