Strong Ladies Would Rather Go Through Life Alone Than With A Toxic Guy

Our world is full of strong, amazing women, out doing great things to change society. So many awesome ladies—some you probably know—aren’t scared to stand up for what they believe in, and they don’t let others walk all over them. These inspirational ladies aren’t scared to chase their dreams and the things they want most.


They don’t shy away from hard work when they know it will pay off, and no glass ceiling can stop them. They know that achieving your goals means doing the legwork. They don’t settle for second best, ‘cause they’re well aware they’re entitled to the very best.


Strong ladies have their own character strengths, personalities, and goals—they don’t let others define who they are. They don’t let others decide what they do and refuse to bow down to unreasonable expectations from their men. They’re ready, willing, and able to stand up for themselves.


Strong women are safe, they know they are fine. Your self-esteem does not depend on your partner. They’re well aware that happiness exists in so many different forms that don’t require a man. Strong women can be contained inside themselves because they realize true happiness is something internal. And they know how important it is to love themselves first. Only after that do we love others.


These ladies have frequently gone through bad relationships before, and realize that a lot of that emotion is just wasted effort. They know what their time is worth to them. They will not seek them from partners who cannot fill them or make them happy. All these things take incredible bravery and strength in a world full of bias and prejudice. Fighting for your beliefs takes courage.


Women need to understand that they deserve real joy. Being female frequently involves needing to take a stand against others. You need to show courage to find your own path, and that’s something strong ladies often have in spades. Strong women know that they are worthy and that no one can stop them. Especially if it’s about a guy who does not deserve the time or attention.

Strong ladies are content by themselves, they prefer that to have a partner who’s not worth it. They prefer to spend time alone with a man who restrains them. They do their own thing, in their own way. And that makes them so inspiring for those around them.


Who is a strong woman in your life? Who’s inspired you? Share their awesomeness with us and let them see how much you appreciate them!