Science Found That: Cuddle Can Help Reduce Cravings And Fall Asleep Easier

I guess we don’t really need a reason to cuddle. We simply do it because it makes us feel good. Nonetheless, it’s good to know all the benefits of cuddling and to keep in mind all the possible reasons to cuddle as much and as often as you can:

1. It makes you feel safe

While cuddling, you are leaning on another person, literally, and it’s the best feeling ever. A person you cuddle with is someone you trust and feel comfortable around. In a way, that warmth you feel from the inside is telling you that you are there for one another.


2. It has a calming effect


After a busy day at work, after all the stress you went through during the day, you find your shelter in somebody’s arms. An embrace with that special someone makes your whole day better. There is no need to speak. You just feel somebody’s skin attached to yours, you hear them breathing beside you and you are instantly calm and all your troubles seem so far away. It’s even been scientifically proven that cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone which reduces social anxiety and depression, improves your mood in general and makes you feel happy.

3. It helps reduce cravings

Oxytocin can ease the cravings for alcohol, drugs, food, and more. It’s how cuddling can keep you from eating late at night. So, make cuddling happen.


4. It helps you fall asleep

Oxytocin can counter the effects of the stress hormone called cortisol. Since it’s released in your brain when you’re stress-free, “the love hormone” can promote quality sleep. The oxytocin release in your body can make you feel calmer and loving, inducing sleepiness.


5. It helps boost your immune system

There’s a strong connection between your immune system and your brain. So, what’s in your head can affect your health in a positive or negative way. Doctor Shara BA Cohen explains that being optimistic, having close personal relationships, expressing your feelings, and staying calm are all great ways to boost your immune system and maintain good health. Cuddling may make all this happen.