Riddle – I am a five letter word that is under you

I am a five letter word that is under you
When you remove my 1st letter I am on top of you
If you remove my 1st and 2nd letter I am all around you
What am I?


The Answer is: A chair


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This may seem easy at first but you will quickly realize it is not as easy as it looks. All you have to do is count the squares but 92% of people who attempt this test, fail to get the correct answer. Do you think you are in the 8%? Give it a go!

The answer is revealed below but doesn’t cheat by peeking!

Can you spot the connection between the following equations?

Remember, it’s not really that complicated of a mathematical problem. You should be able to solve it with basic 4th-grade math chops – and a bit of genius, of course.
Need a hint? Don’t think of the number after the equal signs as a big number. Think digits.

Wrestle with this a little more before moving on.






The Answer

To get the equation results, you simply need to multiply the preceding digits then add and subtract them from each other. Plop those small answers together to get the ‘big’ one.

Let’s look at the last equation, for example: 20 + 3 = 602317

20 x 3 = 60

20 + 3 = 23

20 – 3 = 17