Only People With High IQ Can Read All Of These Words, Give It A Try!

One of the abilities of the brains is that It provides the missing information daily, If you see a slice of Pizza, the brain provides the missing information – who took the slice from the full Pizza

The same happens if we see an erased word in a sentence. Our brain helps us guess the sentence base on The sentence context left.

It is hard to identify how this ability happens because it occurs without our consciousness. Moreover, it is not easy to control it. It is a quick reaction, which causes misunderstanding and trouble.

The quiz below consists of some partial words, words that have been erased. Would you be able to provide the missing parts of the erased words?

Give it a try!

1. Fate, fact or face?

2. Hat, mat or cat

3. Cake, cock or cook

4. Barn, Burn or Born

5. Soap, Sink or Soup

6. Spot, spit or spok


Here is the answer:
1. Face
2, Cat

3, Cake

4, Barn

5, Soup

6, Spot

If you have the 6 right answers, congratulation!

You clearly have high IQ and an exceptional eye for detail!!

It’s not easy to use your brain to continue the formation of words but your adaption to this task is impressive! Only a small percentage of people have the ability to do this!