Never Lie To A Smart Women

A man phone to his wife: Honey, I have been asked to go to fishing in China with my leader for a week. This is truely a great opportunity to get promotion in my company. So could you prepare me enough clothes for a week, set out my rod and fissing box?

We’re leaving from the office and I will stop by the house to pick these things. Ohhhhh, Please pack my new blue silk pijjama.


“This sound fishy” – The wife thought, but she still prepare exactly what he want.


The next weekend he came back home with a little tierd but looking good….

His wife welcomed him and asked if he caught many fish?


He said: “Yes, a lot of salmon, blue gill and a few swordfish. But why did’t you pack my blue pijjama?

Then she says: ” I did,.. they are in your fishing box”

Lol, lol lol..

Moral: Never lie to a smart wife because she know everything!