If You Can Solve THIS Puzzle Your Intelligence Is Far Greater Than 99% Of The Internet!

This puzzle is aimed for kids, however, it’s fiendishly hard. The trick seems to be to pick up on every little clue in the picture and then apply every ounce of your logic and knowledge. And even then, it’s pretty impressive if you manage to actually get any of the answers. In other words, you need to become Sherlock Holmes.


Here is the image. Look at the questions below and try to find clues in the image so you can answer them. 9 of 9 is LEVEL SHERLOCK!


(HINT: It’s easier if you progress in order from 1 to 9 as some answers give you essential clues for the next question)


1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?

2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?

3. How did they get here?

4. Is there a town nearby?

5. Where does the wind blow from: north or south?

6. What time of day is it?

7. Where did Alex go?

8. Who was on duty yesterday?

9. What date is it today?






The Answers:

1. Four. One name is concealed behind the bush on the “On Duty’” board. There are also four spoons and four plates.
A few days ago, judging by the spider web between the tent and the tree.

2. By boat. There are oars resting against a tree on the right.

3. No, although the chicken wandering suggests it is near a village.

4. South. Tree branches in the Northern Hemisphere tend to be bigger on the south side. The flag on top of the tent suggests the wind is blowing from the side of the bigger branches.

5. Morning. Using the answer from question five, we can work out east and west. From the shadows, we can see where the sun is and conclude that it’s morning.

6. He’s catching butterflies. You can see his net behind the tent.

7. Colin. Peter is cooking and James – shown by the J on his bag – is taking photos. According to the duty list, Colin was therefore on duty yesterday.

8. August 8. The number next to Peter’s name is 8 and he is the person on duty. The watermelon, which ripen in August, suggests it’s August.