Hilarious Joke: A Letter From The Son

A husband and his wife are sitting in the living room and watching TV.

“Where is the child, I have not seen him all day long?” – asks the husband.

“He is studying in his room, please call him, he shouldn’t be studying so much” – says the wife.
“Are you sure that he is in his room? We’ve already watched 3 films in a row and he didn’t come out.” – says the husband.
“Yes, he is in his room. Please go and tell him that I want to see him,” – says the wife.

The father goes to the child’s room and returns upset, holding a letter in his hands.

“I found a letter on his bed” – says the husband.

He sits next to his wife and starts reading the letter.

“Dear mom and dad,

I can not explain how sad I am, but I had to make that decision. My hands are shaking as I write this letter. I am leaving this warm home and I am moving with my new girlfriend Mary.”

The wife becomes nervous “How is it possible? Who is Mary?”
“I don’t know, “says the husband, “you are the one who knows everything about his girlfriends,” and continues reading:

“I really like Marie. I did not want to introduce it to you because I knew you would not like his tattoos, piercings, oily hair and leather outfit. Also, you probably wouldn’t like the fact that she is much older than me.”

The mother started to cry and yell at her husband that he is the one to blame about everything that the child has done. The husband smiles and feels proud of his son because he managed to find an older girlfriend and continues reading:

“This is not all, Mary is pregnant and she is very happy about that. She has a house in the forests, we will live there, and our dreams will finally come true – we’ve always wanted to have a lot of children together.”

The woman is broken, she does not stop crying, but her husband comforts her and promises to find a solution.

“Mary enlightened me with the fact that marijuana is not harmful at all. We are going to plant marijuana in the backyard, because the conditions for planting marijuana there are excellent! We are planning to sell it and exchange it for cocaine and ecstasy.”

The wife again starts yelling to her husband that he is the one to be blamed because he was too strict with the child. This time the man also cannot hide his tears, so he reads the letter in tears:

“Meanwhile, we will pray for science to find a cure for Aids because Mary deserves to be cured – she is a wonderful person.
Mom and Dad, I’m 15 years old now and I’m already a mature person and I can take care of myself. I sincerely hope that one day we will come to you and meet all your grandchildren.

With love,

Your son Stephen.”

The father wipes his tears and the devastated mother asks him to look for his son and bring him home. The man simply tells him that this is not the end of the letter and continues to read:

“P.S.: Mom and Dad, none of the things that you’ve read above is true. I am with my friend Robbie in his house. I just wanted to tell you and remind you that there are worse things than just an E in mathematics. The test with the grade is on the desk in my room. I love you very much. Call me when you stop being so angry.”