Father And Daughter Bust Out Dance Moves During Party. Shy Father Busts a Move And Surprised Everyone

A few people are normally timid. Remaining before a group makes them apprehensive, on edge or bothered.

For other people, the bashfulness may simply be an act. This was the situation for dad Mike Hanley, who functions as a comic.
Mike Hamlet was prepared for a few tricks at his little girl’s bat mitzvah festivity.


Father and little girl moves are a typical occasion. They happen at clubs, schools, bat mitzvah parties. At the bat mitzvah party, Mike Hanley alongside his little girl had a conventional moderate move. Her little girl then asked her to join her faster. They arranged this little trap well in advance to make the group laugh

Mike Hanley lowered his head and looked around for a moment. He had to pretend to be shy. In any case, the people who notice it know that Mike Hanley is not so shy. As a comic, he routinely performs before a horde of outsiders.


A little while later, Mike Hanley was making something happen and making the group snicker. The routine was arranged for him and his little girl. There was absolutely no word as to whether her little girl was inspired by her movements.

Have you at any point played a prank on a group? Do you like to move or perform before other individuals? Do you think it was directly for a father to become the dominant focal point at a gathering that was intended for his girl?


Source: Viralhatch.com