Family Nearly Doesn’t Recognize Their Grandmother After She Makeover

A grandmother is making headlines after a stunning makeover. It started with a man named Christopher Hopkins. Formerly a live performer, he decided to take his makeup skills and begin a new career as a beauty guru.


Hopkins’ specialty is transformative videos on his popular Youtube channel for men and women over the age of 45. He’s even written a book about it: “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.”


His main concern was Kelly’s hair. Kelly preferred wearing it in a ponytail rather than handling it every day. Hopkins cut, dyed, processed and shaped it. He made the locks soft and shiny again, and he took the color to a lighter look.


During the course of his work, he discovered something that even Kelly didn’t know: His hair was naturally wavy! She had always erased it, but Hopkins, as described in the YouTube video, was producing a natural wave backed by needle loops.


The next step was the makeup. Rather than giving Kelly a complicated beauty routine that she wouldn’t have time to maintain on busy mornings, he kept things simple, natural and soft. The video description said the lips were kept soft so that her eyes were more the focus.

When Hopkins finished, Kelly looked like a new person. The grandmother had taken her appearance for decades. His own family could not believe his transformation! When the video was posted to YouTube, they were delighted in the comments section.