Can You Solve This Viral IQ Test?

A word puzzle comes from ‘pusle’ which means confound or confusing and it was created as ‘toy that can test one’s perception’.

This puzzle was posted on Facebook earlier and they claimed that only 1 in 1000 people could solve it. It became one of the biggest controversies and has more than 3 million comments from all over the world.

Maybe you saw this puzzle earlier while you were scrolling over your news feed. So, why are we here now? Because, I was that 1 in 1000 category who figured it out in the first time.

And now I challenge you to also solve it in the first attempt! If you become curious to move to the question, let’s go.

The question!
If 1+4 = 5
2+5 = 12
3+6 = 21
Then, what would be 8+11 = ?

Okay, I will give you 5 minutes…


So, the answer is…

96! You may see it in the picture above. Now you started to think what was wrong with your logic. Well, we already told you that your logic was correct, but you applied it on wrong numbers unfortunately. Let’s try to apply running total on correct numbers.