A Workout Session For The Brain: Can You Find A Clue To This Confusing Math Puzzle?

Can you solve this math puzzle?

This math puzzle involves four equations. Answers will be provided for three out of the four equations, and you have to solve the fourth equation by yourself. Remember no cheating!

We have an addition of three bees which is equal to twenty-seven in the first equation.

Then in the second equation, we have an addition of two bees and a butterfly which has its answer as twenty-two.

The third equation consists of an addition of two butterflies and one cricket, which gives fourteen as an answer.

Lastly, the fourth equation, which you have to solve, comprises of a bee multiplied by two butterflies and an additional cricket. What is your answer?


For the solution, you should know the numbers each animal represents:

  • The bee represents 9
  • The butterfly is 4
  • The cricket is 6

Therefore, the brain teaser you were asked to solve can be simply translated into 9 x (4+4) + 6. The equation solution is 78.