A Man Is Driving Down The Highway Past A Farm.

A man is driving down the highway past a farm.

He glances into the vast fields and sees a farmer screwing a sheep.

He is utterly disgusted.

A minute later, he slams on his brakes and says,

“That was horrible. I’m going to give that man a piece of my mind!”

He turns around, and soon arrives at the farmhouse.

He angrily stomps to the porch and bangs on the door.

A little boy answers.

The man’s anger abates a little:

“Oh, hi there. Is your father home?”

The boy says

“Sure, one second. Hey, daaaaaahd!”


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Challenge your brain with this riddle and leave your answers in the comment section.

In a family, there are some children.


Every boy in the family has as many brothers as sisters.


However, each girl has twice the number of brothers compared to that of sisters.


Can you calculate the exact number of brothers and sisters in the given family?










You can solve this mentally by assuming the number of siblings and then trying to fir it in the given information.

You will see that 4 brothers and 3 sisters fits perfectly into the given details.

You can also solve this mathematically.

If you consider b as number of brothers and s as number of sisters.

we can write the following from the given information;

(b-1) = s &

b = 2(s-1)

Solving above 2 equations we get;

b – s = 1

-b + 2s = 2


s = 3

b = 4

Answer is;

Number of brothers = 4;

Number of sisters = 3.