7 Things Never To Do When Relationships End

• Beg for love

This is the worst thing you can do. Don’t beg your partner, this shows you are weak and vulnerable. Later, you will probably regret it and you will hate it for it. It will not help them, if they change their minds, they will do it without you praying


• Stay lonely

Don’t be a loner. Meet friends, enjoy parties, discotheque, practice your favorite sport, play leisure and spend time with family. Let your old partner see you happy.


• Fight your emotions

You may be emotionally shattered, and it’s natural to feel sad, and that’s okay. You may feel mixed emotions like anger, frustration, sorrow, fear, confusion, or relief. Identify your feelings and act wisely. If you suppress your feelings, the mourning process will only be prolonged. Wry, then do not cry anymore about it. If you can not laugh again and again with the same joke, why cry with the same suffering?


• Try to be friends

It’s often said that exes can never really be friends except in extraordinary cases. When you learn your ex is dating or marrying someone else it can be frustrating. Accept that this is a past chapter in your life, start fresh and make it worth having.


• Call/text/e-mail

Calling, texting, e-mailing, and visiting your ex will make you seem desperate. Your ex will laugh at your desperate attempts to get him back. This leaves a bad impression and it is doubtful that you have any. There is a chance that it becomes annoying and that it blocks you.


• Sacrifice your standards

Moving on is important but not at the cost of your standards. Maintain your standards and don’t rush into another relationship to make your ex jealous. Make sure the next person you are with is who you deserve.


• Keep the gifts

Ever heard the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind?” Don’t even think of keeping the remnants. You may have exchanged gifts, cards, clothes, or jewelry with your partner during the relationship, this is the time to wrap them up and throw them away. It will help you get over your partner and move on. When you have things in front of you that belonged to your ex, it reminds you of the past and the good times you have shared, which can make you sad. It does not apply if you have children together. Maybe one day, your children will appreciate the love that gave birth to them. Just store it.