50% Of Harvard Students Answered Incorrectly This Tricky Riddles. Can You Solve?

As far as instinct is concerned, as human beings in general, we remain faithful to our first feeling. It means coming to conclusions when life or death comes up, facing difficult problems or facing seemingly obvious answers.

Once we have found the right solution, it is difficult to break this mold! But that’s what this fun enigma tries to do by forcing you to think a little bit about your first instinct.

This is the riddle that overwhelms even the brightest Harvard students and the rest of the Internet is scratching their heads. Think carefully about the answer and do not focus on the first solution you think is appropriate.



The correct answer is “5 cents.” This is because, if the ball costs 5 cents, and the bat costs $1.05 – which is exactly one dollar more than the ball – the total comes out to $1.10.

Here is the detailed answer:

We’ve found that a lot of people that assume if the bat is $ 1. more then the ball must be $0.10 and while it may look right it’s sloppy math. If the ball is $0.10 and the bat is $1 more then the bat would really cost $1.10 and the total would be $1.20. To get to $1.10 we can’t ignore that however much the ball is the bat will be that plus a dollar. Let’s say the ball costs $0.5 the bat would then be $1.5. Add the two together and you have your magic number $..


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16 – 4 / (1/4) + 2

= 16 – 4 x 4 + 2

= 16 – 16 + 2

= 0 + 2

= 2

Correct answer is 2