5 Important Things Every Father Should Instruct His Son

Mothers are the backbone of the entire family. They play very important role in child’s education and upbringing. But there are some things fathers do better, especially with their sons.


1. Tell him that it’s important to know how to win and how to lose.


This is a lesson in life. Defeats are inevitable. You must know how to fall and how to get up after the fall and keep moving forward. In the end, you need experience to win and the best way to make this experience is to lose.


2. Teach him how to respect woman


Go out with your child. Buy some presents for your wife and talk to other women so your kid could learn how to communicate with unfamiliar women. You don’t have to do much. Just be there for your children and teach them through your own example.

3. Have a man to man conversation about love


Learn more about her passions, dreams and fears. In this way, your son will always be open with you. He will ask you everything that bothers him and one of the most important things will be love. Teach your son how to love and how to be loved. Again, use your own example wherever that’s possible.


4. Teach him how to fight back

Father is a figure of strength. Children always look up to their fathers and often seek shelter from everything that is scary. But there will be a moment when a father will not be there. Therefore, a father must teach his son how to fight for his family, for himself and for all that is valuable. He must show respect, courage, honor, justice, courage and humility. Yes, humility, because sometimes, you also need to back off and just chill out.


5. Help him master domestic duties

This is something that needs to be partially instructed and partially shown in your own example. And that’s what you need to teach your son. That’s pretty much everything your son expects. Instruct him about everything from taking care of the house to tying a tie, shaving (very important), cooking (the man’s way), etc.