12 Common Bug Bites And How To Recognize Each One

One of the reasons people dislike insects is because of the bites. These creatures can be very frustrating and cause even some serious health problems.

If you know the keen bite, you must know how to handle his reaction. So, here is a list of the 12 most common bites. Understand it the next time you know who has tried to ruin your comfort.

1. Mosquito Bites

The most hated insect – the mosquito. The itchy bites and their sound irritate millions of people. You just can’t get rid of them.


2. Flea Bites

Flea bites can also be very uncomfortable. They appear at the ankles or lower half of the legs. Usually, these bites look like little balls under the skin. Believe it or not, they are itchier than the mosquito bites.

3. Ant Bites

Ant bite is usually less itchy than the one of the mosquito. However, you can immediately feel the pain of the bite. Ants are not poisonous, but some ants can cause some allergic reactions.

4. Bedbug Bites

These bites look similar to those of the mosquito. The only difference is the zig-zag pattern. They are followed by swelling, pus, and redness.

5. Tick Bites

Ticks are definitely one of those bugs that give us chills. The bites of the ticks are surrounded by a large circle of redness. Ticks may carry dangerous diseases and that’s why we hate them.

The bite is usually not noticed, but you can see a small black dot in the middle of the circle. This is the trap. As soon as it starts to feed, it develops.

6. Lice Bites

Lice can usually be found in the head. These bugs love hairy parts, so expect them in other places as well. They are very unpleasant and itchy. Their bites are small and red.

7. Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Spiders are not bugs, but the bites are very similar to those of the bugs. The bite of the spider can cause fevers, chills, and headaches.

The bite of the spiders can be red or purple, depending on the bite.

8. Horsefly Bite

Horsefly bites are substantially larger than all these mentioned above. The bite of the horsefly can be large and swelling. There may also be blisters. In some cases, these bites are a source of dizziness or infections.

9. Deer Fly Bite

Deer Fly bite can be quite dangerous in comparison to the already mentioned ones. The bite can infect the person with diseases like rabbit fever. The bite results with a red bump which is very painful. Some symptoms of the bite are headaches, fever, and skin ulcers.

10. Wasp Stings

These strings are quite common. The wasp sting leaves red and swollen skin. Unlike the bee sting, the wasp is not affected by the sting itself.

11. Bee Stings

A bee sting is very similar to the wasp sting. The sting leaves red and swollen skin. However, the sting itself is deadly to the bee. This is the difference between the wasp and bee stings.

12. Hornet Stings

Hornets function like wasps. They sting with the bottom part of the body. However, the hornet sting is quite different. The whole area will swell up and turn red after a hornet sting. Blisters are also common.

Hope this list can be useful. Whenever this insect bothers you, you can easily recognize the “guilty mistake” and make an appropriate treatment.