11 Short Stories Proving That Life Is Better With a Sense of Humor

Here are some stories which show how your sense of humor can bring happiness to your life:


1. My best friend got married because of her wonderful sense of humor. She has small breasts and so, to perk it up she would wear push-up bras and pads to keep it ‘uplifted’. One windy day, she was on the beach. As she was unfolding her towel, the wind took her bras and pad and blew it away. But she just took it lightly. She said, “Jeez, what a gale! It blew my bra away with my boobs!”. The guy sitting just beside us cracked up. And within a month, he proposed her. Her sense of humor blew his heart off too.

2. The restaurant where I work bought a lot of edible papers. So, I brought a few of them home. I was at the kitchen table with several papers lying around me. When my wife entered, I whispered in my shaky voice: “You are just in time. They know everything. Eat the papers or we are going to jail!”. I gulped down an edible paper and gave her a regular one. My sweet and supportive wife swallowed it all within 2 minutes. I have never laughed this much in my life.

3. I work as a programmer. And if you see me, you’d know my profession immediately. My eyes are on the computer all the time and I’m always working with my boxer shorts on. My schedule: work, take a cup of coffee, smoke a little, have lunch, and then, get back to work. All of it while I’m in my comfy boxers. One day, I completed my work, wore my old shorts and went out in the garden for a walk. My wife spotted me and said, “Hey, did you finish your work and put on your home clothes?”

4. I used a hair mask which made my hair look a little bit darker than usual when I washed it all off. But as soon as my hair dried, I was shocked. My hair has become bright blue. I learned that my dad was pranking my mom with this hair mask. But now, I couldn’t get this blue color out of my hair. I went with it to school and naturally, the teacher called my parents. Ironically, my father used the same hair mask just before the day he was supposed to go to school. Well, the teacher was not very impressed with my father’s shocking hair too.

5. I’m 27-year-old. So, my friends and I were browsing around the shop, buying wine. The cashier saw us and then, she asked me to show her my ID. It was funny and looked so much like a compliment. I appreciated it. She just sighed and told me, “You got me wrong. I ask for the ID only to laugh at the pictures.” Needless to say, that small blast of insecurity was all that was needed to push me to gulp two extra glasses of wine.

6. On the subway, a pregnant woman entered and a guy immediately gave up her seat for her. The girl was grateful and she sat down, holding her swollen belly carefully with her hands. When the stop arrived, she rushed out of the door and in the hurry, her ‘belly’ fell down. It was a cushion. As she tried to push her way outside, the guy who gave up his seat smiled and shouted, “Excuse me, ma’am, but your baby just fell out…”